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Accommodation is provided by the venue hotel – Beijing Palace Garden Hotel and Resorts. 

Our well-equipped guest rooms include glorious decoration, worldwide best-selling bed linens, free high-speed internet, multiple lightening modes, luxury toiletries, bathrobes and customized welcome fruits, all to offer you a warm and relaxing accommodation experience. A RGF air purifying system is spread out across the entire hotel area to provide you clean air free from harmful chemicals.

To book a room, please call the hotel sales manager:

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Tips for reservation:

1. When you contact our hotel managers, please mention "CSRS-AP 2022" so they can make sure you are one of our guests! The price is reserved ONLY FOR GUESTS OF CSRS-AP 2022!
2. The main section (Palace Garden Hotel and Resorts, where the CSRS-AP 2022 event takes place) and annex section (Palace Hotels Chain) are two parts of the same hotel building. However, there are no public connection paths within the two sections. The two sections have their own entrance gates. Guests who choose to book a room at the annex section will need to exit the building via the main section gate and re-enter the building via the annex section gate - it only takes a 45-second walk!
3. The two sections have seperate check-in areas.
4. Single rooms include a single breakfast per day. Twin rooms include two free breakfasts per day.

5.The reservation deadline is 10th March 2022. After this date, the discount price will no longer be applicable. You may still contact the hotel to reserve a room but the hotel cannot guarantee vacancy.